Your SPA At Home With ROSE

4 in 1 Unique Facial Cleansing Brush

Impurities Removed

Double Sided

Heated Massager

Fully Waterproof

Of Charge = 25 Days


More Efficient

9 Frequencies

Nurture your charm and glow. Soft, generous, respectful and ultra efficient.

With ROSE, wrap yourself in an intimate and precious bubble where all your distractions and obligations fade away.

What will ROSE do for you? You will enjoy a concetration of pure pleasure with a thorough and innovative facial treatment. A return to the essentials. Where makeup is replaced by a gorgeous skin.

Give yourself the gift of a glowing skin and of well-being at home


4 in 1 Unique
Facial Cleansing Brush

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4 in 1 Unique Facial Cleansing Brush


Enjoy a SPA experience in the comfort of your home! With ROSE, forget about your archaic brush, full of bacteria that accumulates inside the bristles. Stop assaulting your skin with abrasive nylon bristles. Double-sided, you can both clean your face and massage it with its heated side. Discover the benefits and unique sensations of a SPA experience in your bathroom.

Hi, I'm Cyria! The founder of MYSKINI

Like many of you, I've been down the rabbit hole of seeking quality products for my daily use and let's be honest, it's tough... I'm just a frenchy in her thirties with crazy dreams and ideas! Skin care has always been important for me, let me tell you all about how MYSKINI was born.


What we want - To offer you quality products that we love ourselves. 

What we like - Being close to you, sharing with you a positive experience and establishing a long-lasting connection. Our team will always be here to help you, whenever you need it!

Have confidence in your beauty

Highlight the best of yourself with ROSE. Are you looking to uncover the secret of a naturally glowing and soft skin ? Look no further !

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