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The story of MYSKINI

I'm Cyria. The founder of MYSKINI. Were you expecting an American cosmetics company? I hope I won't disappoint you. Because I'm just the opposite: Born in 1988, I am a French woman in her thirties, head of a small star-up, a young mother, living in Belgium, right next to the French and Luxembourgian borders, and a university graduate in early childhood education. Since 2020, I aspire to change the world of women with my little personal touch. Or at least to change the way we look at ourselves. By promoting self-confidence and empowerment.

I don't know about you, but... We love it, many of us... To torture ourselves psychologically. To be hard on ourselves. No matter how much we're loved and cherished... It doesn't matter. There's always something that will bother us.


In 2019 and still a daycare director, I got pregnant with my first child. Although my delivery lasted 26 hours (it was hard, tiring and a bit complicated, but I managed...), my pregnancy went very well. It was a great joy to meet my baby and finally become a mother on February 18th, 2020.

Following the birth of my son, the skin of my face had difficulty in regaining its natural radiance: hormones, fatigue, breastfeeding, lack of time to take care of it...and yes...no more privileged little sessions at the institute to relax and find a radiant face. A little being had come into my life and he needed all my attention. Like many of us, the only time I had for myself was my cocooning moment in my bathroom in the evenings or afternoons when the baby was asleep.

However, it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to see the type of results i would coming out of a SPA treatment; I was missing that little accessory that would accompany my daily routine and be there to support my creams and other serums while giving me my moment of relaxation at home. That is when i had the idea to launch a crazy project: Create an online store where the products offered would be our "small" daily beauty accessories that would provide us with a moment of pure well-being every day from the comforts of our home...

Presumptuous? It is true that it was not an easy task... Indeed, to realize this beautiful project, in May 2020 I converted to the skin care sector with the help of my husband who has been living by my side for over 10 years now. A sales manager and marketing specialist, he was able to accompany and support me in all phases of creating my brand and my company: training, the development of my business plan, accounting and taxation, recruitment, legal aspects, etc... I learned everything patiently at his side for many months. Just like my job as a daycare director, I was surrounded by a team of multidisciplinary professionals. My marketing and customer relations manager, my buyer, my web editor, my community manager, my graphic designer, my webmaster, my videographer/photographer and my logistics manager (you're not dreaming, there are 5 women in my team...) have done a remarkable job and I want to thank them warmly. Without them by my side, I could not have achieved anything...

As a young mother and an accomplished woman in my work and life as a wife, I had to push myself to the limit, gain confidence in myself and my ideas, and manage a team of specialists, even though I did not have the soul of a salesperson. With all the strength generated by my entourage, my family and the people I love, it is with great pride that I present my new life story: MYSKINI


With ROSE, I invite you into my intimacy. Do you know what I mean? That unique moment when you take a pause and can finally think about yourself. Free from your maternal, conjugal and professional obligations? Those few precious minutes that transform your bathroom moments into a cozy rendezvous. A one-on-one time with yourself.

Passionate about fashion and beauty, I found in ROSE a unique product that defines all my values. A product that reflects a part of me. A concentration of well-being and simplicity. A jewel of technology in ecological skincare, sustainable and full of love. All this, wrapped up in a fair price.

This little 4 in 1 brush inspires affection, channels softness with as much modesty and respect as the ROSE... This flower, like its color, symbolizes feminine grace par excellence. It makes ROSE the most beautiful gift for women.

Get mine now


In this innovative discovery and experience sharing, I genuinly hope that MYSKINI can improve the daily life of women and allow them to feel more beautiful. Stronger.

To become a reference brand for refined skincare... With a small french touch.

My goal? To make a sincere connection with those who will trust me. Attract women who will recognize themselves in my journey, my commitments and my philosophy of life. To become a good friend, the one you ask for advice on how to be yourself. Love yourself and believe in the power of your natural beauty, in your inner strength. Without taking on too much.

If I get the chance, I would like to go further with the MYSKINI range by adding complementary products to ROSE, always more trendy and respectful of women... Besides, ROSE's two little sisters are about to be born... Maybe propose a range for men. Because who said that our gentlemen didn't have the right to a little softness?

From my travels and encounters, it is in my country of heart, the USA, that I chose to launch MYSKINI. Even though I am already excited to bring the brand to Europe, South America and especially to my country France... In the near future, I hope.

Take care, be confident and live your dreams!

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